Final Prototype

A project log for Limrose Compukit 1

Recreation of the Limrose Compukit 1 from 1970.

deftcoyotedeftcoyote 01/08/2023 at 03:050 Comments

I couldn't wait to order pins when the prototype was so close to being done. Rather than wait, I just cut a bunch of pin nails that I had down to size and soldered them on. I also used a paint pen to draw the symbols and labels on. After fixing a few shorts, the board works! I need to mount it in something, and maybe cut the pins shorter (I left them long just in case).

Once that's done I can make a few simple circuits for testing, but I'm excited to get this rough prototype finished, I still don't have the official manual that came with it, so I can't try the "official" circuits they suggested- whatever they were.