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Bluetooth RGBW LED lamp

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This is one of those projects that always gets pushed out of the table, to make room for the new one. I hope that I will find some time to complete this project one day, or just scrap it and move on. 

Basically, it's a lamp, or a lantern? Anyway, it has it's own integrated li-ion battery, composed of 3 14500, 750mAh, 3.7V batteries, 3 rows of RGBW addressable LEDs  composed of  18 "pixels", wireless charging support and Bluetooth MCU, as a brain of the whole thing. 

On top of the device, there are 3 buttons, that can be used to change color, intensity and turn the device on and off, on the bottom side, there are 2 embedded, reversely oriented pogo pins, and a small magnet, to enable magnetic connector connection along side wireless charging capability.

Middle section is a opaque white PVC pipe that is a light diffusor, and a main body of the device at the same time. 

All parts that currently exists are 3D printed parts, except PVC pipe. When I was designing this device, i had an idea to make it out of aluminum, this might be the next step.

This project also consists of high level software part, mobile device app that can be used to program color and intensity of each individual pixel, and create some simple animations.

Everything mentioned above is still work in progress, but maybe some day...

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