This watch is  highly inspired by Watchy by SQFMI and inherits its board outline and  in fact uses the same voltage regulator, charging chips and  vibration motor driver circuit . But unlike the Watchy which is based on ESP32,  MorphWatch  is based on STM32L476RG which has 128KB  RAM and 1MB of flash. This chip also comes with DFU bootloader feature which enables you to upload firmware without connecting any FTDI chip externally. Further it also has an inbuilt RTC  inside. Unlike the Watchy  which has a 3axis IMU this board has a 6Axis IMU.  However since this STM chip doesnot have inbuilt Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities like the ESP32 on Watchy. So i had to connect an external bluetooth which actually has undone the  advantages in terms of  PCB real estate that i might have saved because of  STM32L476rg's inbuilt  RTC and  DFU mode. I have used JDY08  for communicating with smartphone. The board also supports firmware upgrade using serial wire debug and  full debugging features  like breakpoints and print statements  by connecting external STlink Debugger.  I would also like  to mention the 7 low power modes supported  this STM chip and there is also a possibility to keep the internal RTC on and shut down rest of the controller.

I am planning to build a few prototypes  and  write software for  it.  But i am very tight on Budget and time. So i am looking for support from the community. If you  would like to see morph watch come to life  please join me in the development process. Also you can star  or watch the git-hub repository  to show your support for this project.  Also meanwhile you can  also  back  the cool watchy by SQFMI at crowdsupply.