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    Codebase and Credit

    At first I tried to adapt the display, but since it is waterproof and not too many developers work on it, I rather looked for other solutions. During my research I came across this thread (viewtopic.php?t=94850). MCC did a great job and my code is completely based on his findings. All credits to him! What I additionally did was to design a waterproof 3D-printed housing and connect brake-light, front-light, turn-lights, handlebar switches.

    I extended the code of MCC, to fit my needs and was able to read light- and brake-states, through the corresponding HEX-values. Light control is now event-based (button, state-change). It took me quite a while, to figure out how to place the components, cables and which parts to use, to make it waterproof. I've pretty advanced Fusion 360 skills, which speeded up, the designing-progress, but still took me a few iterations (prototype images) to make it perfectly fit onto my ebike frame. (I'm also working on a HEVO)

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    To me the schematics MCC made were quite confusing and I redesigned it using Fritzing. This version shouldn't have any flaws, since I used it to build my own version.

    Schematics for ExtensionBox (without lightsystem):

    Schematics for ExtensionBox:

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    Case building

    For a clean wiring setup, I used a dupont connector + pin-header system. Cable ties are used to mount it to the frame.

    To cleanly distribute the power, I made a small power strip:

    I replaced the surface mounted Micro-USB with an flexible female Micro-USB cable. I applied hot-glue to the surface of the curved piece, to prevent it from sliding down the frame: