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just a basic utility robot

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Trying to build a mobile telerobotic system for performing physical work. I want to make a hybrid telerobotic/automation system for mass manufacture. Once widely distributed and in use collect motion control data to build general artificial intelligence. Please if anyone is more skilled or better suited to accomplish this task do so. I bought the AGV and am working towards buying or building the reachy robot with VR control but progress is slow I'm only one man with limited knowledge and income please help.

Thank google for suggesting..
''Low skilled wage slaves with almost no bargaining power"

well i disconnected the main drive from the AGV and the batteries drove them home. My roommate and I pushed the 300+ pound cart up the 1/4 mile hill to my house.. The surplus place would only deliver freight (the AGV) to a commercial address (my work) waiting on insurance and my business license. Then hopefully on the job real world testing and market research.. The AGV is going to live here for now

yeah, that's right Ghostbusters Style!!! 

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