Back of new (4-layer) board populated :)

A project log for Pocket-Sized Imsai-Style Z80 Board

Similar to the old IMSAI 8080, but small enough to fit in your pocket :)

nickNick 03/17/2021 at 07:490 Comments

Most chips, caps and resistors are in place on the back of board. Fixed a few solder bridges/one missing resistor, and now I can talk to the CLI via the FT231.

Basic Z80/SRAM functionality looks good. I was having problems writing the flash memory, but that was just software - the flash initialization code was commented out lol.

Ready for WiFi-related parts (arriving tomorrow?) which will let me test the ESP-01 interface. Then I'll populate the front of the board, print a case, add a battery and see how it works :)