B-G431B-ESC Brushless Servo Controller - January Update

A project log for B-G431B-ESC Brushless Servo Controller

Ultra low-cost controller for brushless servo based on the B-G431B-ESC1 Discovery kit by ST

pat92frpat92fr 01/16/2022 at 18:140 Comments

One year ago, I have developped a very fist revision of a custom FOC firmware on the B-G431B-ESC Discovery Kit. The code has been improved and a new firmware revision (V2) will be released soon.

The firmware is tested with a 8108 and a 5008 bruhsless motors. The AS5048A (PWM input) and the AS5600 (I2C) are also tested.

List of improvements :

A field-weakeming algorithm has been tested, but it will not be in the next release. The ESC is able to spin the motors at their base speed (Kv*Vdc). I think there is no need to spin faster for a hobby robotic application at the moment.