4:3 Aspect Ratio Makes a Bigger Difference Than I Thought It Would

A project log for 2:3 Scale VT100 Terminal Reproduction

I want to make a scale model VT100 terminal for use with my 2:3 scale PiDP-8/I.

Michael GardiMichael Gardi 02/26/2021 at 19:540 Comments

My new screen finally arrived. I prepared the display the same way as I did the 16:9 aspect ratio panel.

I printed a carrier for the driver board and used two sided tape to hold the PCB in place. Then I attached the carrier and board to the back of the display also with two sided tape. I redesigned the front panel to accommodate the larger screen and mounted the display with painters tape as the was no room to use tabs like I did with the smaller screen. Also note that I added a 90 degree HDMI “elbow “ so that the cable would go straight out the back. Finally I snapped the front panel into the terminal frame.

And voila.  My finished VT100 2:3 Scale Reproduction. To me this looks so much better than with the smaller screen. I adjusted the font to get as close to an 80 x 24 character layout as I could. Here is a photo of the reproduction and Oscarv's PiDP-8/I.

I think they look great together.