2021-05-28: MirkoPC current status

A project log for MirkoPC -> CM4 carrier board

Yet another Raspberry Pi Computer (non-official carrier board for CM4).

MirkoMirko 05/28/2021 at 07:560 Comments

Dear Hackaday community!

Really sorry for my delayed response and my project update and status. I have to say 'so sorry'.

Project delayed about one month (I planned to start shipping in the second half of May), but the current plan for shipping is the first half of June.

I need about 2 weeks to assembly the rest of the components. I have all the needed components.

I will assembly manually only 10 pcs (due to is too much work for one guy), the rest of the PCBs I will order manual assembly at some small EMS company service.

During this manufacturing stage I faced on few hard issues:

1. the biggest issue - component issue, almost all integrated circuits are not available on market (empty stock), due to Covid, pandemic and automotive industry mass production.

I sourced components from many different shops, such as Mouser, DigiKey, TME, LCSC, Texas Instruments, Allegro, Kamami, and even Aliexpress and TaoBao.

2. I had 1 week of delay with my PCB manufacturer (DFM review for my approval).

3. I had 1 week of delay due to FedEx service and customs procedure and shipping delivery.

4. In total I have about 3 weeks of delay on the manufacturing stage due to external issues.

5. Now I need about 2 weeks for manual assembly and about 1 week for the shipping process.

Things to do:

1. manual assembly 50 pcs (by me and some EMS company)

2. create simple firmware for push-button controller (microcontroller)

3. test all the boards and functionalities

4. prepare the shipping for all users and customers

5. update and prepare Github documents and user manual

2 weeks ago I decided to left the company, where I worked as a regular employee, to have more time for the MirkoPC project and future designs and soon I hope to create my own company. Next week I will be free for 100%.

The good news is that MirkoPC GEN2 (R1.1) will have a colored pin header (HAT connector) and unique power switch (tactile switch).

Please forgive me for that situation, but I'm just want to finish this project and to deliver ASAP even if this is impossible these days (IC shortage times and pandemic).

So, summarizing I need about 2 weeks to assembly and 1 week for shipping (I hope).

I will send over 40 packages to all my users and customers so please be patient and keep your fingers crossed! Wish me luck!

I attached the partially assembled boards (5 pcs).