Version 1

A project log for Automated polarimetric microscope

Polarimetric camera with a microscope lens attached to a 3d printer.

es-pronkE/S Pronk 02/11/2021 at 17:440 Comments

So version 1 is now done! I have made a few pictures that show the potential, I think they are awesome!

I hooked up the microscope lens to the extruder motor, which gives me control of the angle of the lens. The camera has an external shutter option which I hooked up to the fan pins, this allows me to time the captures in between the movements. I am kind of thinking it might be possible to do multiple view geometry of microscopic objects, or stitch the individual images together into superresolution pics. On the other hand it might also be cool to use the extruder motor for the zoom function of the lens and make some cinematic passes of objects.

At the moment the framerate is too low to do this, but I'm working on some CUDA optimizations that should resolve that issue.

Right now, I have to dismantle the thing because I need to do some printing. But next update should be interesting!