A New All-In-One Prototype

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The ultimate dual OPL3 MIDI syntesizer with touch screen

maarten-janssenMaarten Janssen 01/14/2024 at 11:270 Comments

Now the sequencer has been updated and after a few day where I added additiona file support to the media player it's time to get back to the hardware of OPL Studio!

The media player now supports DOSBox raw OPL (*.DRO), id Music Files (*.IMF) and Video Game Music (*.VGM)

Another All-In-One Prototype

Before my christmas holiday I spend a lot of time breadboarding parts of a new all-in-one design and experimenting with a previous prototype that has now become a Frankenstein setup with many loose wires, replaced components and failed experiments. The goal was to fix the issues that existed with the previous prototypes. Whether this is now the case I'll not comment about. I have been disappointed a few times before after getting excited about new PCBs.

So another round of prototypes is now going to get manufactured where I made some drastic changes that I left out of previous prototypes:

In The Mean Time: Software Refactoring

While I wait for the new PCBs I will continue working on the next major update of the software. The code that handles MIDI and controls the OPL3 chips will be refactored to allow for some cool new tricks: