The All In One hardware

A project log for OPL Studio - OPL2 / OPL3 MIDI Synthesizer

The ultimate dual OPL3 MIDI syntesizer with touch screen

maarten-janssenMaarten Janssen 03/23/2024 at 14:430 Comments

The hardware for OPL Studio with integrated OPL3 Duo! is ready!!! It has taken many months with lots of frustrations and times where I just wanted to give up, but now it's finally here :)

I've put together a quick video to show the first images of the all in one OPL Studio in action. It's playing a simple MIDI tune running an inbetween version of the old and upcoming re-write of the synthesizer code. The audio is a direct capture from the line out. You can hear some exagerated vibratos that I had hardcoded while experimenting with the new synth code, it does sound nice on this tune I think.

The enclosure is also almost ready, so in a couple of weeks the new OPL Studio will be finally available from my Tindie shop!