Datalogger v1.0 Board Assembled and Working

A project log for Data Logger Shield - Arduino Pro Mini

An inexpensive, easy-to-assemble, low power consumption Arduino Pro Mini data logger

John OpsahlJohn Opsahl 02/27/2021 at 17:560 Comments

I received the Datalogger v1.0 boards from OSH Park last night. Soldering took less than 30 minutes for this first board. Everything is operational. This is very encouraging for my first PCB design. 

The data logging script sequence:

  1. Arduino goes to sleep to minimize power consumption
  2. RTC module wakes Arduino up after a user specified amount of time
  3. Arduino logs a timestamp and whatever other sensor information is being collected to a .csv file on the SD card
  4. Go back to step 1

Then the user can pull the .csv data file from the SD card as needed and plot the data.