Powering the 5mW Artemis Nano fully on a 10.5 Phillips LED

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A Raspberry Pi-like System on a Chip Design project that runs on 5mW

initrdinitrd 03/09/2021 at 05:040 Comments

Got my Artemis Nano to power on completely with a 10.5W LED, far less than the 45W Cowboy Studio CFL I was using with the 2V, 160mAh panel in my previous log . Since the bluetooth LED is is blinking, it must be using around 5mW, which is probably not very efficient, although it is the only way I can connect the 5W panel to the USB-C input of the Artemis Nano at the moment. Some efficiency loss is likely, since it travels through the 500mA boost converter.

Later I put the lampshade back on the Philips and was able to get a red LEDd, but it took a while for current to flow through the entire circuit. With some efficiency improvements (i.e soldering the 500mV boost and panel placement), it is very likely that the Artemis Nano can be powered in a more ambient condition (i.e not a bulb directly on the panel as in the above photo.)

I’ll also try my Powerfilm Dev-in-Basic w/ BQ25570 development kit sometime.