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A project log for Hot wire foam cutter

A power supply, bow and table for cutting foam with a hot wire

QuinnQuinn 03/22/2021 at 20:240 Comments

After sorting out the issue with the current meter I had everything working.  This shows the internal layout, with the variac set in place(it is normally attached to the case top).  The end of the connection pcb was cut off and relocated underneath.  The end result is one of the more densely populated cases I've done, with barely any more space than could possibly be used.  Given that it weighs just over 12lbs and only measures 7x7x3.5, it is also one of the most weight dense too.  On the flip side, it feels extra solid.  It's weight density is about the same as brick.

The variac was mounted in the case top, with a plastic shield around it.  The shield is mostly so that the wiper on the bottom doesn't get snagged on any of the wires.  I found the front to back balance point, and mounted a large handle on the top as well.

Overall, works great, solid, easy to use, and easy to move around.