Rotating Leds Display

This a rotating LEDs display project which displays a given string. The led strip is placed on a motor when the motor rotates the string is

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In this project firstly 6 leds were soldered in a single coloumn on a small piece of vero board. Since this project require very little I/Os thats why i used an ATTINY microcontroller. The attiny was placed on a veroboard and was powered by a coin cell. The led strip was connected perpendicular to that vero board. The veroboard was then placed on a DC motor.

I developed the software of this project by using trial and error method . I created a very small timer interrupt used it to change the Leds. First I calculated how many frames can the led show clearly in one rotation. Using that i created an array and used that array to modfiy the led strip after each interrupt. This creates an illusion of display a string.

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