6 DOF RObotic Arm

This is a 6 DOF robotic arm which can pick up object and place them anywhere.

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In this project we have a robotic arm which has 6 degree of freedom which implies that there are 6 servo motors being used in this project. A 3 Amp Power supply is being used to drive all the 6 motors. The software development of this project was very straightforward. The important part of this project was the mathematical calculation. The process of obtaining servo angles if the coordinate is given is known as Inverse Kinematics. The first step was to obtain the equations which can be used for the inverse kinematics of this robotic arm. There are various approaches available for inverse kinematics. For this project geometric approach was selected and the calculations were done on Matlab. The final result of Matlab calculations was an Excel sheet which contained servo angles for every possible coordinate that was within the reach of Robotic Arm. The code was written on Arduino IDE.

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