A project log for Yorkshire pudding recipe analysis

Multiple recipes analysed to find the (presumably ideal) average.

KeithKeith 02/22/2021 at 22:090 Comments


2 eggs, 100 g self-raising gluten-free flour, 160 ml soya milk. 210 C fan oven.
22 min - risen and golden-yellow. 25 mins - not much change, taken out to taste.
Not as risen as hoped for, perhaps due to gluten-free flour.
Texture fair. Taste a little bland, probably needs a little salt in the same way bread does.
Would be fine with gravy. Co-experimenter said they were good, and much better than the previous attempt.


2 eggs, 100 g plain normal flour, 160 ml almond milk, 1/4 tsp salt. 220 C fan oven. 
Batter left at room temperature overnight before pouring into pan.
Much better rising, though more in the middle than classic Yorkshires that grow at the edges.
Texture: Good, better than last time. Taste: ditto.


2 eggs, 100 g plain normal flour, 160 ml good quality Jersey cow's milk, 1/4 tsp salt. 220 C fan oven. 
Batter used fresh with milk straight from fridge. Poured into 12 position cupcake pan, and leftover into one dip of a 4-position pan. Even better rising than before, and they became hollow as they should be. Some odd shapes though - some looked like pac-men, as if they expanded and split after getting half-cooked. A good step forward though.


1 egg, 4oz flour, 1/2 pint liquid (2/3rds milk, 1/3rd water), 1/4 tsp salt. 220 C fan oven. 30 minutes.
This is recipe from Marguerite Patten's Learning to Cook book. Low egg content puts it in the pancake mix zone, but the author says to add one egg for pancake batter. This was cooked mostly in a large Yorkshire pudding tin, and one part for the 4-position pan. Both were edible but fairly flat. Marguerite worked at the Ministry of Food during the war, which might explain why milk was watered down and used half the expected egg content. Recipe recommended by co-experimenter's mum. Perhaps she has a hotter oven than mine.


Same recipe as used on 2021-02-27, but all in one big pan and cooked for 30 minutes. And left in there an unknown time because I got distracted. Batter well risen, especially up the sides, but dry due to overcooking. And possibly for lack of oil. Yorkshires absorb the oil they roast in, so oil is actually an ingredient. Lessons learnt: keep watch during last few minutes of cooking, and use enough oil/fat to make puddings moist.