Custom Rotors and Stators are Here!

A project log for NOMAD BLDC QDD Actuator

Compact High Bandwidth, High Performance and Compliant Actuator for use in Legged Robotics.

implemented-roboticsImplemented Robotics 02/20/2021 at 22:160 Comments

Received the custom rotor and stator order from MAD Components.  These are 8118 sized stators would for 80KV rating.  Also a custom machined rotor for the direct integration of the encoder magnet on the back as well as the sun gear for the 6:1 planet gear reducer.  This lot will be used for the actuators of the NOMAD Quadrupedal Robot.  Next steps is to begin machining the aluminum housings for the actuators.  More to come!

Well packed and undamaged.

The offered to even add a logo for me free of charge.  Looks good!

Closeups of one of the rotors: