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A project log for NS32008 processor board build

The NS32008 is essentially NS32016 with an 8-bit data bus.

KeithKeith 02/25/2021 at 17:100 Comments


Ordered the last one in stock from a German supplier.  12.5 euros = £10.76.

This is much cheaper than the only one I can see on eBay, which is $54.32 (Approximately £38.53) plus $23.99 (approx. £17.02) postage (c. £55.55 total).

Since this part is so scarce, it is not worth designing a board specifically for it.

The pinning is very similar to the 32016, so a board that supports both devices would be sensible.


Device arrives.


Vince's two spare boards arrived this morning. That should certainly save me a lot of prototyping time. I need to order some sockets...


I now have a selection of sockets for the major chips. The UART PCB corrections and socket modifications will be made. The Timing Control Unit needs a surface-mount capacitor fitting underneath the socket.


Looking at fitting logic chips. I need:
3 x 74HCT573 transparent latches for address lines
1 x 74LS245 buffer for data bus
3 x 74LS32 quad OR gate
1 x 74LS04 hex inverter
1 x 74LS14 hex inverter with Schmitt triggers
6 other chips whose type I cannot read on photographs.

There is no parts identification in the PCB manufacturing files, or PCB legend, and there is no circuit diagram.