X-Carriage Design

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Large DIY 3D Printer Build: All Lead Screw 3D Printer With Fixed Bed / Moving Gantry

Shane HooperShane Hooper 10/05/2021 at 07:060 Comments

WorkHorse 3D Printer X-Carriage Design

The Workhorse Gantry and Carriage design is a heavy-duty solution for lead screw/ball screw motion. I have a newer design that's a little lighter but I haven't tested it out yet.

X-Carriage Assembly

X and Y-Carriages use 4 M3x6mm Screws

The x-axis carriage screws down to the 2040 Y-axis extrusion and rail. *Note* The y-axis 2040 extrusion must have hand tapped M5 threaded holes.

X-Carriage Design Diagram

Linear Rails

The Workhorse Printer uses MGN12H linear rails with a 20mm x 20mm Hole Pattern.

Igus Lead Screw Drive Mechanism