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To build and use a DIY Radio Telescope

andre-powellAndre Powell 03/28/2021 at 20:530 Comments

There has been quite a lot of progress.

The Wave Guide has progressed quite a lot. Just one more small piece of aluminium to complete the wave guide. Then the next step once that is in I will start the Horn section.
Here is the image admittedly this is old.

I've now consumed a load of shortbread and have an empty tin with which to put everything in. Note the 'plumbing'. This has been tightened up so it's stable free standing. To keep everything in place I have used some velco strip under the Wide Band Amplifier and the battery block that is on the left.
There are three SMA connections, the RF input, a connection after the LNA and the final output after the Filter.
It is also important to note the output from the LNA has a DC Block  out to the middle connector and into the Wide Band Amplifier.

Due  to bit of over aggressive deburring I had to create a dummy plate for the connections which you can see if you look close enough.
However are the connectors and labelled.

This makes the system hardware portable. I do need to work out how to get USB cable out but I will work on that.