Cardboard Complete

A project log for Radio Telescope

To build and use a DIY Radio Telescope

andre-powellAndre Powell 05/30/2021 at 11:500 Comments

I now have the final side with card board. This was a bit traumatic as I split a join but I've fixed that.
Now the task of covering it with 'plates' of Aluminium.
Once I've done that I can start to create the Angle plates to ensure good connection between all four faces.
I hope to have first light by the end of June.
I am still having issues installing the Spectrometer for the Gnu Radio complex that the project asks for, so it might be a Field Spectrum Analyser at the start of stuff until I can get the extra blocks to install appropriately.

Also I need to drink more Cider as I have no more 'cans' to turn into 'plates'