Binary Decoder Soldering Kit

Practice through-hole soldering and hone your binary skills at the same time!

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Note: This project is no longer updated here. Please see my GitHub for the most up-to-date files and information:

I developed the Binary Decoder Soldering Kit to help students learn two of the concepts I struggled the most with electronics and programming: SMD soldering and base-2 numbers. The kit includes more than 30 1206 SMD components, as well as 3 SOIC packages to practice different soldering techniques on.

Once assembled, the kit serves as a learning tool to help understand base-2 counting systems. Students can enter an 8-bit number using the buttons along the bottom, and the corresponding base-10 number will appear on the screen. There are two additional buttons that allow students to increment and decrement the base-10 number, and watch as the binary changes.

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