Storage Ambient Logger

Keep track of the humidity and temperature for months at a time with no power

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Note: This project is no longer updated here. Please see my GitHub for the most up-to-date files and information:

The Storage Ambient Logger is a custom electrical system that can be placed in a storage unit and track the status of the environment at regular intervals to ensure safety of the items stored.
An onboard RTC will wake the microcontroller at predetermined times throughout the day, and take a measurement of the ambient temperature and humidity of the storage unit, which will then be saved to the onboard MicroSD card. A measurement can also be triggered by pressing a button.
Through the implementation of ultra-low power sensors and the 328P's Deep Sleep Mode, the system will be able to run for over 5 years on a single charge of the 10,000mAh battery. This battery can be topped off at any time through the USB-C port. A second battery can be added to run the clock independently if desired.

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