Handheld Blackjack

Learn to solder while building a fun handheld game!

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Note: Please see my GitHub for the most up-to-date files and information:

I designed this project as part of my weekly PCB challenge in 2020. It uses all parts that I had left over from previous projects (microcontroller + power from voltmeter, displays from a temperature probe), to make a simple and fun handheld game. The entire system runs off of a 9 volt battery.
To play,. you can "hit" to add another card to your hand. The value of the card is determined by an RNG. When you stay or go over 21, the dealer will start hitting until they reach 16 or bust. The winner is then given a point, signified by a light on their side of the board lighting up.
One new thing I did with this board was to add some artwork. EasyEDA allows the addition of images or vectors to the silkscreen, although I have mostly used this for adding logos in the past. Recently, I have started to experiment with adding other things, such as the cards in the top left of this

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