Soil Moisture and Temperature sensor SMT-01

The sensor design is based on the dependence of the rate of dissipation of thermal energy on soil moisture

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SMT-01 is designed to measure soil moisture and temperature for monitoring and automatic irrigation systems. SMT-01 has a waterproof housing. SMT-01 provides measurement of parameters in a wide temperature range and in soils of different composition with high stability. SMT-01 is compatible with various microcontrollers, and the shielded cable allows data transmission up to 30 m.

Main technical characteristics:

Supply voltage: 3.3 - 5.0 V.
Current consumption in measurement mode: less than 150 mA.
Standby current consumption: less than 2 mA.
Measurement time: 7-12 minutes.
Measurement error: less than 2.5%.
Sensor dimensions: 40x9x9 mm.
Connecting cable length: up to 30 m.

Design description, examples of electrical connection of the sensor and software for Arduino and ESP8266 microcontrollers on github:

Additional information:

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SMT-01 Practical Guide

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