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A project log for Adria - A 65C816 based computer

Adria is a WDC65C816 based computer, inspired by RC2014. Main goal is to create a DIY friendly computer

xander-maasXander Maas 02/22/2021 at 20:220 Comments

The project has been started in december 2020. A first run of boards has already been done, as has a second run.

In the meantime, I have updated the backplane to a 4-layer PCB, with ground and power (+5V) in the inner layers and signals routed at the top and bottom layers. These haven't arrived yet, but should in a few days. This new (4-layer) revision should make it possible for me to run the computer at higher clock speeds.

Also the first run of the backplane had some "small" issues:

Also I have had a few 6551 (I used a SY6551) UART and NXP SC28L92 UART boards manufactured. With the help of some great people at, I now have a working driver in ROM for the SC28L92, so the (speed) limited 6551 board isn't in use right now.