Pricer Brand ePaper Price Tag Teardown

What's inside a 5.83" digital price tag?

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There are a few different companies making ePaper price tags. They don't sell these to consumers, instead providing bulk devices, service, and support to stores. But sometimes you can get them on eBay. I picked up this Pricer brand HD150 ePaper price tag for $20.

I have a deep interest in ePaper and these digital price tags are an interesting part of that. While some brands have RF comms for updating the display, this one is a Pricer brand tag that uses IR for updates. I believe the idea is that retail stores will have transmitters in the ceiling that can update tags as needed.

I grabbed this on off of eBay for $20. It's an HD150 model, although it's very difficult to find detail about these so I really didn't know what I was purchasing.

I was pretty happy when it arrived and found that it has a display that measures almost 6 inches on the diagonal. With no visible screws, I used a spudger to pry the front and back cases apart at the seam on the edge. Unfortunately I cracked the front frame in half along the top but I'm not bothered by that.

Check out the teardown project log for more images and thoughts on what I found when taking this one apart.

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hatonthecat wrote 02/23/2021 at 00:45 point

Cool! Maybe it could work with or another adapter board.

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Mike Szczys wrote 3 days ago point

I'll have to check it out and see, thanks! Looks like they've got some good documentation going for it:

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