SolarSens - 3D printable solar weatherstation

A 3D printable modular wifi weatherstation.

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SolarSens is a modular weather station.

It can be equipped with various sensors. Sensors, which also have to be illuminated by sunlight, can be installed waterproof on the "sensor phalanx" above the solar cell on the outside. This way brightness and UV exposure can also be measured.

Additional sensors can be installed inside the weather station (for example temperature and humidity sensors). In addition, an SDS011 can be "piggybacked" on the back of the housing.
The solar cell on the front supplies the electronics with energy and charges the built-in 18650 LiPo cell.

The measured data can be sent to your own SmartHome using WiFi.

I am currently working on a new circuit board, which should enable the data to be forwarded via LoRa and / or gsm.


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  • First version of the solarSens MCU PCB

    Fab10/13/2021 at 18:02 0 comments

    In my last project log I posted some initial information about the sensorPhalanx PCB. I want to use this PCB with numerous light sensors as one of the environment sensors for my solar powered weather station solarSens.

    Of course, I also need a suitable MCU to evaluate and distribute the measured data. This (ESP32) is placed on the solarSens PCB shown. 

    In addition to the MCU, there are numerous other components installed on it. These include a GSM or LoRa radio module, a solar MPPT charger, a possibility to use the connected solar cell as a pyranometer, a stepper motor driver for the correct alignment of the solar cell and many other features. 

    You can get a first rough overview on the pictures shown. :)

  • First version of the sensorPhalanx PCB

    Fab10/13/2021 at 17:51 0 comments

    In the last few weeks I have worked a little on the first version of the solarPhalanx PCB.

    This PCB contains all kind of light related sensors, with which the brightness, radiation values and even the alignment of the weather station can be determined. 

    Unfortunately, due to the current shortage of chips, not all sensors are available.  But there are definitely enough left for a first test. :)

    A first overview of the available components can be seen in the picture below.

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