Ping Pong Scoreboard with animation and sound

Arduino-Powered Ping Pong Scoreboard that keeps track of games won, score, serve and uses sound & animation to congratulate winner

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We play a lot of ping pong, but lose track of the score and who is supposed to serve. This scoreboard introduces the game, keeps track of whose serve it is, keeps score and congratulates the winner at the end. Uses an rgb matrix and a soundboard.

The scoreboard uses an Arduino Mega (for the RGB matrix and soundboard pins, mostly) and several LED and LCD panels.   The games are configurable to be either 11 points or 21 and the service can be switched at either 2 points or 5 points.  The warmup begins with a virtual ping pong match on the matrix and then several vocal announcements including "Lets Play Ping Pong" and "Shall We Play a Game".  Each point is entered using a big lighted button on the top (one for each player).   Service is announced with "Switch Serve" and the arrows pointing towards player 1 or  2.   The announcement of player can be switched from two specific people by name or generic "Player 1" and "Player 2".   At the end of a game, the winner is announced and there's applause, etc.  The soundboard is loaded with all these sounds, etc.

The score and the games won (match) are done on two separate 4 digit LED panels and the configuration is show on an LCD panel (generic vs. specific players, points to switch serve and points to win game).


Game over animation and sound - cheering, etc.

MPEG-4 Video - 32.59 MB - 02/23/2021 at 16:24



Game Over

JPEG Image - 2.10 MB - 02/23/2021 at 16:23



Let's Play Ping Pong

JPEG Image - 2.35 MB - 02/23/2021 at 16:23



Shows service change animaiton and sound

MPEG-4 Video - 24.87 MB - 02/23/2021 at 16:22



Start up animation

MPEG-4 Video - 31.99 MB - 02/23/2021 at 16:21


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  • 1 × Arduino Mega 2560
  • 1 × Adafruit FX Soundboard with amplifier built in
  • 1 × Adafruit 16x32 RGB Matrix
  • 4 × SPST toggle switches for configuration and power Game length, service length, personal vs. generic names and power on-off
  • 6 × Momentary pushbuttons for score point and 'undo point' etc Generic for 'undo', manual switch serve, and reset but big and lighted for score point

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Mike Szczys wrote 14 hours ago point

Ha, superb! It's a chess clock for ping-pong :-D

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