Supermicro to ATX Power Supply Adapter

Mount a redundant Supermicro PSU in an ATX chassis

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This is one of those projects that came into existence just to see if it could be done.  This won't save you any money, but looks super cool at LAN parties if you match the color of your 3D printer filament to the PSU ATX extension cables and to the PSU power cables.

About the Chassis:

The Define S2 chassis is both long enough and has a mount on the bottom for a 240mm radiator.  This radiator mount will be repurposed to become a mounting point for the PSU adapter.

Make it Your Own:

While this project was built specifically to fit a Fractal Define S2 chassis I don't see any reason why you can't modify it to work on another case.  Everything within this project is open source and available on GitHub.  The model files were written in OpenSCAD.

Everything you see here was printed using a Prusa MK3s and Prusament PETG filament.  Every piece of this design prints well without any supports.  If you print a single copy of each object, you will probably exhaust an entire 1 Kg spool of filament.

Update (2022-04-12):

I reviewed all the links and made sure they still work.  I do not collect any compensation from any of the manufacturers/resellers of whose products I linked in this project.

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    Purchase and strip the Supermicro Power Distribution Board (PDB)

    Go out to eBay and find this PDB:  Supermicro PDB-PT825-36824 SC825.  It features three GPU power cables.  Each GPU cable has a one 8-pin and one 6+2 pin connector.

    After this PDB arrives, strip off the metal plate.  You won't need it.

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    Purchase two Supermicro power supplies

    The Supermicro PDB-PT825-36824 is a "23-pin" model and will accept both the 23-pin supplies and the 19-pin supplies.  This is not an exhaustive list, but just the various models that I had sitting at home that I know fit into the PDB-PT825-36824.

    23-Pin Model Numbers

    19-Pin Model Numbers

    If you choose to find a model that is not listed above, you should start by looking at the Supermicro Power Supply Matrix.  The only supplies that will physically fit have these dimensions:

    • Length (mm) = 336
    • Width (mm) = 76
    • Height (mm) = 40

    Unfortunately, the matrix doesn't tell you which supply is 19-pin and which is 23-pin.  However, if you do a Google search like this:


     Then you will get as your top hit this link:

    Scroll down to the 'Detailed Specification' tab, then look for "Output Type    Gold Finger (23 Pair Connector)".

    I am using two PWS-1K28P-SQ supplies:

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    Purchase an ATX power cable extension kit

    If you look at Step #1, you will notice how the 24-pin and dual EPS12V cables are extremely short.  If your motherboard has its 24-pin connector at the top of the board, you will need a 50 cm extension.  If your motherboard has its 24-pin connector on the side, a 30 cm cable will work.

    I purchased a 50 cm extension kit because my ASUS Pro WS x570-ACE motherboard has a single EPS12v connector on top.

    My cable extension kit:  Amazon - LINKUP

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