Battery percentage, note 1

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WJCarpenterWJCarpenter 03/17/2021 at 03:270 Comments

I plan to give some kind of visual indication of the amount of battery power remaining, but the problem is determining some kind of quantification for that. M5 does not provide a direct API to answer the question "how much battery left?", but they do provide APIs for the AXP192 power controller to get all sorts of interesting information.

I naively thought there would be some kind of common knowledge way of taking LiPo battery voltage and translating that directly into what I want. And, it's possible that there is, but I didn't stumble across it. I did find quite a bit of discussion about it. Here is a link to one discussion of it. This person provided a handy table of voltages and percentages, but I'm kind of skeptical, because

Here is my tentative plan. I haven't implemented it yet, so it's subject to change.

Note to self: consult the wisdom of crowds about how LiPo voltages change as they degrade over time.