Solderless SAO connector

A project log for Beeping, Blinking Business-card Badge (B4)

Second generation of the NFC business card adding audible feedback

greggreg 02/25/2021 at 04:530 Comments

I needed to include a programming port to load code into the LPC8N04 in this design.  This is designed to be a business card or badge, so the Shitty Add On seemed like a reasonable choice at the time. 

Unfortunately that is too large a connector to install on a business card, so I was regretting the decision when I actually got around to programming the device.  I tried some micro pinchers, but they were not sturdy or reliable enough.  After pouring through my stash of connectors, I found some long headers and thought they might be useful, but I needed a way to apply pressure to keep contact.  Something laying on my desk ended up fitting with just enough tension for a reliable connection...