Battery Power Finished

A project log for Mechanum Robot - MAIXDUINO

Quick simple robot project.

pRoFiTpRoFiT 02/27/2021 at 22:580 Comments

Added in the battery power management and bat to 5V supply. Went directly to the 5VIN on ESP32...tested and seems to work. We shall see once i get wifi up and going if there are any problems this way. I can always solder a usb cable to the power instead if issues come up.

Ordered some slide switches so i can have an on/off switch to bat power.

I can start working on 3D case for it next. By the time the switch is here in two days i should be ready to print the model out. Probably going to take a day or two to print both top and bottom. As long as nothing goes wrong with the fit.

Once wifi is running i can check current draw on battery to see how long this thing will run. I'm thinking alllll day. its a bit more mAH than i needed. better safe than sorry. more power!

I think i will connect the bat output to an analog in pin so i can check voltage on screen.

Also have plans for 2 more buttons for misc control. the joysticks are already wired up with 1 button each. Need to dig through my buttons and see what looks/fits nicely. I have some large 0.25" square buttons that might be a good fit.

I'll post some cad designs up when i get them done.