3D Case Revision 1 Design Done

A project log for Mechanum Robot - MAIXDUINO

Quick simple robot project.

pRoFiTpRoFiT 03/01/2021 at 07:160 Comments

3D models Revision 1 are complete. Time to spend 15 hours to see if it fits. Probably will need to print at least one more because i wanted two more buttons but dont have them ready yet.

I can always go abck and make room for them. Plus i have power switch comming monday...... Ill print bottom tomorrow and when switches come in i can measure and fix the Top. Then print top on tuesday.

 in last image you can see mock up circuit board design. This wont be as good as using cad data from a circuit designer app. But close enough. I used calipers to measure twice and 3d model once. i hope. Should be close enough for the case design to fit around it. We shall see in 2 days time.

p.s. rounded the standoffs to make them stronger. i always tend to break them off if they are just round. We will see if this helps or not.