Controller 3D print day 1

A project log for Mechanum Robot - MAIXDUINO

Quick simple robot project.

pRoFiTpRoFiT 03/01/2021 at 21:230 Comments

Well 3D print day one doesn't look so promising. major lifting on corners. This part is already the widest thing i've printed on the ender 3. Dont have much room for added corner support. Had to pause print and put hot glue down to hold corner in place. The handle corners aren't really important. So maybe that will give me a decent enough part to use. The print should have a level edge to align with the top part.

I may have to do some tweaks to the CAD file for the top part before i print. So i dont have this issue. Or better glueing on the plate? hairspray is just not enough for this beast of a part.

Will try to get an image once this completes in 4 hours. ugh 8 hour prints.

Need to move printer to garage so it wont disturb people running all day. but it's cold out there. probably ruin the prints.