First Print not bad

A project log for Mechanum Robot - MAIXDUINO

Quick simple robot project.

pRoFiTpRoFiT 03/02/2021 at 04:490 Comments

Okay so hot glue on the 3d printer bed, good idea in general. part came out better then i thought it would. i can probably still use it.

However, hot glue does not come out of part and printer bed easily. going to have to scrub hard to get off before next print.

So Here is what i have. may need some sanding or bondo to make it look pretty. but i can deal with it as is for now.

You can see the right side is coming up from the bed. and the top right too. caused that area to not look clean. but its on the inside so? oh well.
Battery fit perfectly in there.

You can see the hot glue is stuck on there pretty good. Sand paper should fix that i hope.

I think i can deal with the handles being bad. The top part should still align correctly since the seem is flat and looks correct.

May have to sand the circuit board on the lower right and across the top to make it fit perfect. but that's fine. I left 0.100" clearance on the board. Except for the bat charge port. i didn't plan correctly on that one. and its kind of close. sanding the inside is inevitable....