3D Print Top of Controller

A project log for Mechanum Robot - MAIXDUINO

Quick simple robot project.

pRoFiTpRoFiT 03/03/2021 at 18:140 Comments

Okay top piece came out great. I added brim to print file and put a ton of hairspray down while heating. This seemed to work. It was struck on the bed of the printer really good. And no Lifting at all. Plus i re-leveled the bed before i started. so i think all of that helped.

As you can see the top piece looks great. I hit it with sandpaper to take off some rough edges. I may do some more after i get it all fitting right.

Only issue i have is with joystick alignment. I thought i designed in the right offset for them since they are flipped on left and right. There is a slight offset from mounting holes to joystick position on that that board.

Plus since the bottom didn't print the best im going to redo that part.

Adjusted joystick positions. removed and added some material for  clearance. I need them to align with top piece. don't want to print that again if i don't have too.

Only thing now i may have to run wires for the joysticks. Inst3ead of plugging them in.... Maybe ill make a wire harness so i can still easily take apart.

Sooo...almost out of filimant because of all the printing i've been doing. Ordered a new roll. should be here soon. But im kinda worried i wont have enough on the role to reprint this bottom piece. It's printing now. We shall see. would suck after 7 hours and run out of filimant.