REEF method for 3d resin printing

Reduce/Eliminate Elephants Foot from 3d printed parts

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In this post I will describe a technique , to reduce/eliminate elephants foot [REEF] from you 3d printed parts.

As an example I printed the "Gear bearing" by emmett using this method (

1. Set a raft thickness = layer height X bottom layer count .
e.g 1 mm = 0.1 mm X 10

2. Bottom exposure time was increased to 35 seconds , initially this was 25 seconds.
In this step you will have to do some trial and error , depending on the resin you are using keep increasing the bottom exposure time until the method works.

3. Print!

Results can be seen in images and link below.
Part peels off the raft with little effort and the gears are fully functional (with a little persuasion).


special thanks to


project file for chitubox

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