Help me hack the Roland FP30 keyboard

Roland keyboard with pro quality key action and extensive sound banks but NO line out audio/ meaning no pro recording or live gigs

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I bought the Roland P30 because of it was a cheep keyboard but with pro grade key action. And I the plan was to use it as a master midi keyboard for my DAW.

But then I came across this guy who had explored the keyboard trough midi and uncovered that the FP30 contains the same sound modules as the FP7, the FP30 and the FP60 pluss A GM bank.

It looks as if they made the whole range of FP keyboards on one design and one factory line, and then just removed the buttons needed for the user to get access.

But trough midi control I now have access when connected to my laptop. BUT - and now we’re down to the reason why I need some help - they have removed the line out - and added two headphone jack outputs.

Could someone help me get a stereo line out signal or a digital audio to USB to DAW output, so that I can record this instrument?

All the sounds are just now held hostage, within the keyboard.

Please help

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Zibri wrote 5 days ago point

I also am into hacking the FP30. But on a different level (low level).I successfully duped the internal flash and instrument bank.
I am searching for someone able to understand how data is organized so we could make an editor and get a better piano (I hate the tuning of the main piano). You can find the dumped data here:

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barvik wrote 03/16/2021 at 09:11 point

Roland just released the FP30x  - and with the X they have now added line out to the keyboard. This is so frustrating 

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Pierre-Loup M. wrote 03/10/2021 at 13:16 point

I would try to follow the traces from the speakers or the headphones. Hopefully they should start from a chip which datasheet is available.
The path is probably something like CPU / sound engine -> DAC -> amplifier, but the DAC and amplifier can be the same component.

However, there is also a chance that audio out is handled by another PCB on the sister models that have it. Come connectors are not soldered on you board, so this must be a modular system.

In any case, if you can hear sound from the keyboard, one way or another there must be a place you can pick a line-level signal.

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barvik wrote 03/16/2021 at 09:09 point

Thank you Pierre-Loup!

I’m searching for a wiring diagram/  service manual online.   Any tip on how to get it? 

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