An update after a long pause

A project log for Soil moisture monitoring in a flower garden

When do your flowers have enough water, and how do you know?

joseph-eoffJoseph Eoff 06/04/2022 at 18:230 Comments

It may seem like I've abandoned this project, but it's not so.  I've been collecting data and monitoring the garden - I just haven't been writing about it. I've been doing other things, and keeping busy.

Since I think I may have found a cause for the problems I was having with the control nodes, I thought I'd take the time today and implement a possible fix - and write an update while I was at it.

The possible fix amounts to properly closing the WiFi connection after a timeout occurs.  It's a simple one line fix - call "WiFi.disconnect()" before trying to connect again.

It hasn't caused any problems, but it's hard to tell if it really helped.  The problems only occur sporadically, and only when the nodes are in actual use (outside, in their jars, doing their jobs.)

We'll see.

The garden itself is doing fine.  Everything is all healthy and green and blossoming.