Log 8

A project log for ESP32 EEG

Heavily inspired by OpenBCI, especially their ganglion board design, but with an ESP32 handling communication/control

PrestonPreston 03/26/2021 at 06:190 Comments

Quick update: I tried streaming data sampled at 800 hz on 4 channels (which would be analogous to transmitting 16 channels at 200 hz) and was happy to find that after fiddling with the buffer size and switching to a TCP socket (which I needed to do anyway to eventually be able to send commands from my computer to the ESP) I was able to send and display the data with only a slightly noticeable latency (below image). I did notice some new artifacts (the occasional peaks that can be seen in the 'Left Motor' and 'Right Visual' channels below) which have me concerned, I don't really know where they are coming from but they aren't biological. Hopefully it's just my neighbor making a phone call or something. I'll have to do some more debugging if I keep seeing it.