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Modular plant grow module

Nikola SecerovskiNikola Secerovski 03/09/2021 at 22:100 Comments

Quick release base how has liquid inlets.

The image bellow is showing the cross section of the solenoid pump design concept in idle state. When coil is energized, generated magnetic field will pull the stainless steel piston to the center of the coli, allowing liquid to fill the space bellow the piston. When the coil is deenergized, top spring will push  the piston back to it's starting position, and liquid will pass trough the piston's ball valve to the space in front of the piston. At every returning (2nd) stroke of the piston, we will have same (X) amount of liquid being transferred. At least we hope so :)

Quick release base needs to have two opposite, non return valves added, something like this. First valve will be located directly under the Plant pod's liquid connection, in the quick release base, and it will prevent liquid escaping when the Plant pod device is disconnected from it's base. Second one needs to prevent returning stroke of the piston to increase liquid pressure in the rest of the system.