Kitchen timer with contactless gesture control allows you to set the required time period for cooking. This is very convenient when preparing food, when your hands can get dirty. All duration settings, switching on and off the timer are performed using gestures without touching the device. Using this kitchen timer, you can feel like a real magician in the kitchen, who controls everything!

Human health depends on the purity of the inhaled air. To do this, the kitchen timer has a built-in air purity analyzer in the room, which will warn you when the amount of harmful substances exceeds the permissible level. It is also useful for controlling gas leaks if a gas stove is used in the kitchen. You can check the level of harmful substances in the room at any time.

The timer provides a function for controlling the exhaust ventilation of the room. The controlled parameters can be the room temperature and/or the amount of harmful substances present in the room air.

In passive mode, you can use the built-in clock, calendar, alarm function, view the room temperature and the amount of harmful substances present in the room air.

The kitchen timer capabilities allow you to set a time period in the range from 1 to 99 minutes. During the operation of the timer, the indication of the remaining time in the format of minutes and seconds. During the operation of the timer, it is possible to view any of its additional parameters and, if necessary, to correct the remaining time of the timer, and it is also possible to turn off the timer prematurely.

All control functions and settings are available from the WEB interface of the timer, you can connect to it from your mobile phone, directly through the WIFI network of the timer itself, or by connecting it to your home network, control and configure the functions through a personal computer. With this, you do not need to install additional software, you just need to use a regular WEB browser. The WEB interface allows you to view all the parameters of the kitchen timer, as well as manage its operation. The interface is available in three languages, by default English and Ukrainian, the third language depends on the software version. The language is detected automatically depending on your browser settings.

If necessary, you can access the timer via the Internet from anywhere in the world! All functions and levels of protection against unauthorized access are present in it! If you are a fan of accurate time, you can activate the function of synchronizing the time of your timer with the time servers of the Internet, and if your country uses daylight saving time, the timer will automatically move the clock hands forward one hour in spring and return to normal time in the fall.