Facial Recognition Classifier Training

A project log for GuardMyPi

A reliable security system costing less than £50 using a Raspberry Pi and NoIR camera.

aidan-porteousAidan Porteous 03/05/2021 at 13:270 Comments

An essential part of the Guardmypi project is facial recognition allowing the system to distinguish between residents and intruders. The first method of facial recognition being tested utilises the HAAR Cascade, a machine learning-based approach where we have used many positive and negative photos to train the classifier. Running a more relaxed training model (see left, run time: 30mins) will allow the classifier to make more false positives during the training stages and allow for quicker model testing. Conversely, we have a stricter classifier training stage (see right run time 72+ hours) that will ideally train the model to have very few false alarms and ideally implemented in our final solution.