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A project log for OSI 300 Replica

A replica of the OSI 300 from Ohio Scientific: a 6502 trainer from 1977 with 128 bytes of RAM and binary switch programming

timTim 04/24/2023 at 13:310 Comments

Thanks to a tricky couple of years I have not been able to continue work on this. Thankfully things are becoming a little more stable now and I finally have a little time to dust off and complete this project.

I need to update the design to include my handmade fixes, correct the switch orientation to bring it into line with the original board.

At the same time, I need to check that the components are all still available and if not, find replacements.

KiCad has also at least one major release so I may need to tweak the project files to match.

My time is still limited so this will be slow but I am determined to get a v1.0 out of the gate and wrap up this project. Watch this space!