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A project log for Mars Ingenuity Helicopter

A 1:1 scale flying model of the Mars helicopter

Nick RehmNick Rehm 05/25/2021 at 03:340 Comments

It's been a while since the last update... Final exams and projects ramped up--but at least now I've secured my Master's degree in rotorcraft!

The fuselage is just foamboard hot glued to the main fuselage mounting plate. I've got my flight controller (dRehmFlight VTOL: buried in there along with some 30a ESCs, 10a BEC for the huge servos, and a 1500mah 4s battery. The blades aren't done yet, but I was so excited to see this thing fully assembled. They still need beveling, taping, and balancing.

Next up is taking care of the blades, then other small issues like belt tension, then we'll try for a flight. Even if it doesn't work (I give it ~60% chance), I think I'm still going to give it a really nice paint job. Super cool having a 1:1 scale Ingenuity sitting in the living room!

I think I'll call this one "Scrappy", Ingenuity's little Earthling brother.