D10 dice are /complicated/

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Design interlocking shapes for assembly of a dice set or platonic solids

SproketSproket 04/28/2021 at 11:100 Comments

The shape of a D10 die has no standard, it is not a platonic solid, and none of the angles are regular.

Using a Stack Exchange post on the subject as inspiration ( I designed D10 faces based on a regular kite with two 90' angles. It worked but was not aesthetically pleasing. The shape was short and wide, similar to a spinning top.

So then after watching a well timed video from Wesley Treat ( Welding Giant Polyhedral Dice) where he suggested using 66.6' as two angles of a kite. It didn't seem to work for me and assembling the D10 was even harder than the 90' regular kite faces. Have a hunch where I went wrong with the angles though.

Skip to now with finding a very well implemented dice generator on github using OpenScad ( PolyDiceGenerator). I chose to render a D10 and implemented projection(cut=true){} in the code to take a slice which was then exported as DXF. I resized the long sides in LibreCAD to 40mm and added my usual tabs for finger jointing the shape. We shall see.