• 3d printed case and ground testing

    Giovanni04/11/2021 at 14:22 0 comments

    I designed and 3D printed the case and mount for the PCB. (it should be a 2h print.

    I attached the files for it.

    I also tested the sensor while driving around for an hour (I was on the passenger seat ;) ):

    • barometer drift was never over 10km/h (at low speeds, but it gets much more accurate as speed increases)
    • both altidude and speed were sent reliably to INAV via MSP

    Next step it is flying it, but this one will take a while unfortunately (I am waiting for a few pieces to get my plane back in order)

  • Great progress

    Giovanni04/02/2021 at 23:12 0 comments

    I received the PCB and wrote the code for it, first results are promising.

    First results:

    • The PCB with the components already soldered costed me around 5€
    • I can detect variations of 1Pa and overtime I get a drift of 10Pa which is not bad as it means that reading above 4m/s 15km/h should be accurate and get more accurate as speed increase
    • I programmed the board to read data from the baros and calibrate them using the push button
    • I managed to send the results to INAV using MSP and seeing them via the INAV configurator

    Next steps:

    • Design and 3d print a case for it and fly it